Jun 18, 2008

June 2008 already!!!!

Wow the time this year is zooming by, SchoolsTube has slightly re-structured, so that now individual and teaching staff can use and view content on the site plus "UPLOAD" onto the SchoolsTube portal for free!

We still currently charge for users who are pupils or students to have active "UPLOADING" accounts, but watch this space as it may soon change.

We will also be uploading new material, but would love for you to join the site and start uploading more of your educational video or audio clips.

Remember we are the only site that verifies all of the uploaded content before it goes live onto the site.

Also another feature to point out is that when you have an "UPLOAD" account, you can either share your video or audio clips with the world via the Internet, or to a private closed group that you decide upon!

Thanks for reading, more updates soon!

Feb 4, 2008

Something Great gr8!

Something great for the www.schoolstube.com website, aerial views from a helicopter. Taken over land, estury and seas, these video clips with sound are excellent. Who need the cinemadrome when the cinema footage can come to you or your classroom via SchoolsTube! As ever it's been a busy time in the SchoolsTube office, uploading content and arranging finance package talks.... watch this space is an investor in the offing?

Jan 28, 2008

Question !

Should SchoolsTube www.schoolstube.com become a free to upload service? SchoolsTube already offers free downloads, but would you join and upload content if the service was free?


Jan 23, 2008

Pond life!

No not your local reprobates, but the latest content uploaded onto the site.

There are lots of fresh video and audio clips added to the SchoolsTube site every day, at present there is a vast data bank of nature clips being sorted and uploaded.

Trees, water plants wetland plants, flowers and all manor of seasonal variations.

Here is an example:

Water lillies.

Right back to uploading and sorting out clips.

Night all!

Jan 21, 2008

Ah back online!

Well I am back online and writing this blog after what seems like and is an age!

So what has been bubbling away in the world of SchoolsTube???

Well uploading has continued and the site is now complete with all fixtures and fittings (well relevant text :) )

The site logo is now in a WEB 2.0 style, and along with this has a 2008 tagging.

There is a competition on the site to win the fantastic Disgo video camera. This is available to the first 100 sign-uppers each month until we run out, or money, or get a big chunk on investment to help pay for better prizes, just like YouTube did :)

There are a lot more clips online, from animals and nature to industry and manufacturing. Clips featuring the likes of General Motors, Vauxhall, Nice Pak, trees forests, snow, wind an many more, check out the site and remember you can use all of the clips in school or college projects. They are pre checked and verified to ensure that no video or audio nasties are present. The media can be downloaded and kept or streamed via the SchoolsTube site.

BETT 2008, well I had hoped that we could be present at BETT 2008, and we where on a stand there, all be it one that we hijacked. But definatley in 2009 BETT09 we will be there!

We have sponsored a Snow Leopard, as a Christmas present to the company and in the best feng sui mannor possible. We have adopted a Snow Leopard. So impressed was I with the Golden Compasses animatronic version of this rare and endangered creature that I did some research on them. When I read about how they are rare and endangered I thought right lets do something great, and we SchoolsTube have adopted one for one year, but I hope to keep this adoption going year on year. And if this idea really does take off, lets hope that SchoolsTube can sponsor a pack of them.

Right thats it for now, feel free to conatact me if you would like a trial account for your school or business.

Bye for now!

Dec 1, 2007

Golden Compass Daemon Snow Leopard

Though this was great, they found me to be Modest, Assertive, Responsible, Solitary and Inquisitive. I could'nt agree more, so it is posted online for you visitors to try :)

Nov 26, 2007

Well its another late one. Busy uploading content to the Schools Tube site, more of the Disgo windscreen mounted clips, and a self help guide on installing a bulb into a car coming soon, I know boring, but it's how I'm spending my days at the moment aiming to polish the look and feel of the site!

I updated the www.schoolstube.com site on Sunday with some Lost Treasures clips.Visit the site. Lost Treasures is an archiology programme that was produced by Planet-X-Television for Granada TV, mainly in the North West of England, although it does sometimes air on the History channel features Mark Olly.

Anyway more to follow soon, here are some of the new clips:

Journey to West Kirby through Caldy

Lost Treasures